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Zenica Sarajevo Viaduct Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zenica Sarajevo Viaduct

This viaduct is crossing a railroad between Zenica and Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bridge over River Bliha, Longitudinal Section

Bridge has two equal spans of 16,25 m, which sum to a total length of the bridge of 33 m. This viaduct is carrying a two lane motorway. Due to the vibrations coming from the below-passing railroad and the somewhat worse soil conditions, this bridge has deeper foundations than commonly used for this kind of bridge. The foundations were enhanced by 7 to 10 meters long piles which provide additional stability to the structure.

Bridge over River Bliha, Cross-section

Cross-section of the bridge is of type concrete-concrete composite. The 12 prefabricated pre-stressed T-girders 75 cm wide and 100 cm high form the lower part of the cross-section. A continuous 16 cm concrete slab forms the majority of the upper part of the cross-section. The concrete slab on the top is additionally reinforced to carry the weight of the side protection barriers. The total width of the cross-section is 10,4 m. Bridge has two driving lanes, each 3,75 m wide.

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