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Wadi Leban Bridge Saudi Arabia

TDV was approached by VSL International from Bern to assist in the Wadi Leban Bridge project.

Wadi Leban Bridge, Cable stayed Bridge

The Wadi Leban Bridge in Saudi Arabia carries six lanes of highway traffic over a total length of 763 m with a main span of 405 m. The deck is 35.8 m wide.

The Wadi Leban Bridge has a concrete box girder deck and centrally placed pylons which support a double line of centrally located stay cables. The concrete box girder was built using the pre-cast segmental method. The pre-cast concrete box girder segments, which have an average weight of 195 tons, were erected using the cantilever construction method and have the traditional epoxy glued joints.

The assistance given by TDV for the Wadi Leban bridge structure was in deriving a concept for the erection procedure and providing the know-how and expertise for the final stage and the construction stage analysis.

  • Contract:
    • Wadi Leban Bridge, Saudi Arabia
  • Owner:
    • Saudi Arabian Roads Authority
  • Consultant:
    • VSL Bern, Switzerland
  • State of Construction:
    • Completed in 1997
  • TDV Involvement:
    • General advice on erection procedure by the balanced cantilever method and construction stage analysis;
    • Member sizing check;
    • Full Structural Analysis for Construction Stage;
    • Pre-stressed Concrete analysis;
    • Full Ultimate Load Analysis;
    • Full deck pre-camber design.

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