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Sandomierz Bridge Poland

Sandomierz Bridge is a pre-stressed concrete bridge with total of five spans. The whole length of the bridge is 455.8 m, with span lengths of 84.8 m, 95.4 m, 95.4 m, 95.4 m and 84.8 m.

Sandomierz Bridge, Longitudinal Section

The used construction method is free cantilevering. Due to the fact that the final structure will stand on bearings, temporary pears had to be used during the construction. The cross-section is a single cell hollow box which has a varying depth and thickness of the bottom slab.

TDV was the Consultant team and mainly responsible for the modelling, construction, stage analysis, structural analysis and erection control.

Modelling this bridge was a very delicate procedure because of the very complicated tendon layout.

  • Contract:
    • Sandomierz Bridge, Poland
  • Consultant:
    • Cepas Plan AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • State of Construction:
    • Unknown
  • TDV Involvement:
    • Bridge modeling
    • General advice on construction stage analysis
    • Full Structural Analysis for Construction Stage and Final Stage
    • 2nd Order Theory and Stability
    • Optimization of the stressing procedure for the tendons
    • Analysis of the final closure of the bridge
    • Full pre-camber calculation

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