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Rao II Vietnam

Rao II Bridge, During Construction

Rao II cable-stayed bridge crosses Lach Tray river about 1 km upstream from Rao (I) bridge in the coastal city of Haiphong, situated in northern Vietnam 100 km from Hanoi. Some technical bridge parameters:

  • One pylon cable-stay bridge, peak height +47.363 m.
  • Constant steel and concrete girder structure.
  • Length: 248 m.
  • Span: (70+120+40) m = 230 m.
  • Width: 25.5 m (4 lanes for motor vehicle and 2 lanes for others)
  • Ship passing clearance 7m (frequency 5%), width 50 m.
  • Designed loading capacity: Car HL-93, according to 22-TCN-272-01 standard enforced in 2001 by Ministry of Transport.
  • Leading path: 700 m (500 m + 200 m) length on 2 sides, designed as main street grade II standard, speed allow 80 km/h.

Rao II Bridge, Plan

TDV was involved as independent checker for the erection sequence proposed by MT Højgaard, Denmark. The work included modelling of the structure, finding optimal cable-stay stress values, camber and fabrication shapes calculation of steel girders, simulation of erection sequence (erection control).

Rao II Bridge, Numerical Model

  • Contract:
    • Rao II, Vietnam
  • Owner:
    • Government of Vietnam
  • Consultant:
    • MT Højgaard, Denmark
  • State of Construction:
    • In construction, expected completeion in 2013
  • TDV Involvement:
    • Structural modelling
    • Cable stressing optimization
    • Camber and fabrication shapes calculation of steel girders
    • Simulation of erection sequence (erection control).

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