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Kao Ping Hsi Bridge Taiwan

TDV was approached by the British Consulting Engineers FFF -3F Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. to be partners in carrying out the detail design for this project.

Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Cable stayed Bridge

TDV were constrained in their work by having to use the overall dimensions defined in the preliminary design of this bridge. Starting from the preliminary design, TDV had to re-define the structure in accordance with the main Contractors requirements, analyse it, and check and modify the sections to comply with the ruling design codes. TDV acted as the conceptual Consultant in the preparation, planning and structural analysis and design of the complete bridge erection procedure with all its construction stages. TDV also carried out the Final Stage structural design and analysis.

Completed in the year 2000, this cable stayed bridge connects Dapingding and Pin-Tung in Taiwan. The bridge is asymmetric with one pylon shaped as an inverted-Y and stays following a semi-fan arrangement. The deck of the main span is made of steel and the deck of the side spans uses prestressed concrete. The back span is 180 m long and the main span is 330 m long. The span difference is therefore balanced by the different self weights of the concrete and the steel. The deck is a hollow box and has width of 34.5 m. The pylon has the height of 183.5 m.

Even though the actual construction sequence and schedule differ from the assumptions made in the tender design, it was possible to compensate for this by adopting a revised one step tensioning strategy. This ensured that no permanent structural changes were required.

The RM-Software System integrates all features to solve the above special problems. The complete analysis can be done in one single computing process based on a unique and consistent data structure.

A very short time of about 2 months was therefore sufficient to elaborate this complicated and delicate analysis. Considerable effort was made to represent all relevant results graphically. This provides an easy and clear understanding of the calculations and their results.

Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Construction

  • Contract:
    • Kao Ping Hsi Bridge, Taiwan
  • Owner:
    • 2nd Freeway Bureau Taiwan
  • Consultant:
    • FFF - 3F Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.
  • State of Construction:
    • Completed in January 2000
  • TDV Involvement:
    • General advice on erection procedure by the cantilever method and construction stage analysis
    • Member sizing check and modification
    • Full Structural Analysis for Construction Stage
    • Full Structural Analysis for Final Stage
    • Pre-stressed Concrete analysis
    • 2nd Order Theory and Stability
    • Dynamic analysis
    • Full Ultimate Load Analysis including:
      • Full deck pre-camber design
      • Steel Girder pre-fabrication shape

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