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Grudziadz Bridge Poland

Grudziadz Bridge is a pre-stressed concrete bridge which crosses the Wisla River in Grudziadz, Poland. The whole length of the bridge is 404 m, with span lengths of 110 m, 180 m and 110 m. The used construction method is free cantilevering. The maximum cantilever lengths reach up to 94 m in the side spans and 89 m in the central span. During the construction two temporary piers were used which were placed only in the side spans 22 meters away from the pier. The cross-section is a single cell hollow box which has a varying depth from 4 m at mid-span to 10.5 m above the piers.

Grudziadz Bridge, Constuction Sequence

TDV was the Consultant team and mainly responsible for the modelling, construction, stage analysis, structural analysis and erection control.

  • Contract:
    • Grudziadz Bridge, Poland
  • Consultant:
    • Cepas Plan AG, Zurich, Switzerland
  • State of Construction:
    • Unknown
  • TDV Involvement:
    • Bridge modeling
    • General advice on construction stage analysis
    • Full Structural Analysis for Construction Stage and Final Stage
    • 2nd Order Theory and Stability
    • Optimization of the stressing procedure for the tendons
    • Analysis of the final closure of the bridge
    • Full pre-camber calculation

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