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 Dorian Janjic & Partner - Graz, Austria


7 Bridges on City Roads Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bridge Design of 4 Standard Bridges

Final design of pedestrian bridge across River Una in Bihac.
Client: P.C. Road directorate of FBiH; Contract duration: 12.07.2007 to 12.08.2008.

Investigation works and final design of prestressed bridge across River Bosna in Visoko, L=99.0 m.
Client: Municipality of Visoko; Contract duration: 06.09.2006 to 06.11.2006.

Final design of bridge across River Una in Bihac – Vrkašic, L=110.0 m (composite).
Client: City of Bihac; Contract duration: 07.04.2006 to 17.05.2006.

Final design of viaduct “Velešici” on city highway in Sarajevo, L=522.71 m (prestressed structure).
Client: Ministry of traffic and communications – Road directorate of Canton Sarajevo; Contract duration: 25.06.2005 to 15.12.2005.


Bridge Rehabilitation Design of 2 Standard Bridges

Preliminary and final design of renewal of two composite bridges across River Bosna on four-lanes city road at the entrance of Kakanj and a bridge across River Zgošca.
Client: Municipality of Kakanj; Contract duration: 07.07.2004 to 07.10.2004.


Bridge Site Supervision of 1 Standard Bridge

Supervision of works made on rebuilding of bridge «Lucki» across River Neretva in Mostar (consortium with Integra d.o.o. Mostar).
Client: Federal ministry of traffic and communications; Contract duration: 25.02.2004 to 25.08.2005.