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Batam Tonton Indonesia

TDV was approached by VSL International in Bern Switzerland to assist in this project.

The bridge concept is an alternative to the original design which was envisaged as being constructed on full staging. The Clients requirements to maintain the overall structural dimensions forced an extremely complex construction procedure.

Batam Tonton, Cable stayed Bridge

Completed in 1997, this cable-stayed bridge connects Batam and Tonton islands in Indonesia. It has two A-shaped pylons 199 m tall, 38 m clearance, stays in fan arrangement and reinforced concrete deck 21.5 m wide. The total length of the bridge is 644 m and the main span is 350 m long.

The composite bridge deck comprises two, very light, concrete edge beams with transverse beams and a thin top slab. The stay cables which pass over two concrete A-Framed pylons support the composite deck on both sides.

TDV was part of the Consultant team and mainly responsible for the construction stage analysis, the full modelling, the structural analysis as well as the member design of this complex structure.

Modelling this cable-stayed-bridge was a very delicate procedure because of the very complicated sequence of construction stages which had to be simulated for the erection of every single segment.

The principles of the Construction Sequence are given below:

  • The edge-beams are cantilevered first.
  • The slab and the transverse beams are next concreted.
  • The transverse beams are individually pre-stressed.
  • The pre-stressing of the edge beams is applied in a few steps corresponding with the actual loading from the slab and cross-beams which are added to the deck at various stages.

The structural system of the main girder is therefore modelled as a grid, where the edge beams are composite, consisting of the edge beam itself and the subsequently assembled top slab.

Batam Tonton, Construction

  • Contract:
    • Batam Tonton Bridge, Indonesia
  • Owner:
    • Indonesian Roads Authority
  • Consultant:
    • VSL International, Switzerland
  • State of Construction:
    • Completed in 1998
  • TDV Involvement:
    • General advice on construction stage analysis
    • Member sizing check and modification
    • Full Structural Analysis for Construction Stage and Final Stage Pre-stressed Concrete analysis
    • 2nd Order Theory and Stability
    • Dynamic analysis
    • Full Ultimate Load Analysis
    • Full deck pre-camber design
    • The analysis was based on Indonesian standards

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